October 2010
  • Hope Cell Technologies is pleased to announce that it is now actively seeking investment offers and expressions of interest.

  • October 2010
  • HOPE Cell Technologies reserves it's initial seed capital investment offer within a matter of days, via a select group of "immediate personal network" investors.

  • May 6th 2009
  • The "HOPE Cell" as Featured on the "New Inventor's" TV Program!

  • April 15th 2009
  • HOPE Cell - Winner of the “ENERGY GLOBE AWARD”
Hope Cell Technologies

We are living in an increasingly energy-dependent society, where the instant availability of energy, at the push of the button, is becoming an essential convenience and part of everyday life.

Utilisation of Hydrogen energy sources for on-demand availability under the highest energy efficiency can make energy not only environmentally friendly but also readily available to the wide population.

Our developed technology and planned applications could have a significant role in lowering the greenhouse gas emissions globally. With reduction of toxic emissions, long-term economic prosperity can be attained while bringing new positive moral dimension to Investment.

Based on our award winning technology we are planning to develop prototypes through dedicated R&D process.

Energy Globe Award 2009